Take a minute and look out your window.

See the building with the gigantic door?

Does that building hold ... your car?

Or, is that structure full of all kinds of extra stuff you can’t fit in your house? Could this be stuff you no longer want, use or need?

Take SCARY out of your garage...in 10 easy steps!

This project may be easier to accomplish with just one more person.

The more people involved in clearing, the more “reasons” there might be to justify keeping stuff!

  1.   CLEAR your driveway. Leave as much room as you can to sort your stuff.

  2.   REMOVE everything from the garage. Leave no captives. Everything OUT!

  3.   SORT your stuff into FOUR piles – Pitch, Patch, Pack and Pass-along.

  4.   PITCH the garbage and get it ready for your regular garbage/recycle pick-up.

  5.   PATCH – fix, repair and find missing parts. If it doesn’t work... see Step 4!

  6.   PACK “like with like” in plastic bins to keep moisture and animals out over the winter.

  7.   PASS-ALONG - Some stuff will still be “good”, just not for you! Sell, donate and dispose!

  8.   RETURN things to garage and remember they will endure temperatures well below freezing!

  9.   LEAVE room for your car(s)!

10.   THINK twice before storing more stuff in your garage. If in doubt, throw it out!

Once your car tucked safely back in the garage, think how much easier it will be to shovel the snow this winter! Remember... most of us won’t miss what we forgot we had!

Karen Shinn

Karen Shinn

Downsizing Diva Co-Founder. Toronto East & North York

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