neat and tidy laundry room

With a few minor changes, your laundry room can become a more convenient, efficient and pleasant place in which to work:

LIGHTING – a great place to start. Have you ever tried to match socks in dim light? If you have, we’ll bet someone has left your house wearing one black sock and one navy blue sock. Task lighting is critical in a laundry room; we suggest choosing compact fluorescent, regular fluorescent, or halogen lights to improve the lighting and conserve energy.  

WORK SURFACE – should be large enough for folding. A counter, table or large wall- mounted shelf will do the trick. It’s easier to carry and put away clothes that are already neatly folded.  

STORAGE – at your fingertips! Install a cupboard or shelf near the washing machine to store detergent, fabric softener, bleach and other laundry supplies. When these cleaning products are readily available, you will save time and energy.  

SORTING – a first step. Consider adding shelves that hold large bins or baskets to make the task of sorting (whites, colors, permanent press, hand-wash) a breeze. If there’s room, add baskets marked Mend, Iron, Dry Clean and Donate.  

Speaking of IRONING…. It is making a comeback. Wash and wear fabrics are being replaced by natural fibres, like cotton and linen and these fabrics require additional care. A wall-mounted ironing board saves space and provides convenient storage for the iron and other supplies.  

CLOTHES LINE… an energy-efficient alternative! When a drying cupboard is not an option, locate a rack for hanging wet clothes near a floor drain. The clothes can drip-dry and avoid extensive wrinkling. Be sure to use plastic hangars.  

CONSIDER THE COLOR! Even if the laundry room is not the most visited room in the house, someone still must spend time there. Brighter colors might even make the boring task of doing the laundry more interesting.

Karen Shinn

Karen Shinn

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