Are you overwhelmed with all the work there is to do to get from where you are now to where you want to be?
Call your Diva and simplify your moving experience. Each step of your move will be carefully managed using our Move Management Plan created just for you.
Pre-Move Preparation
Getting ready to move can be as challenging as Move Day.

The Diva MAGIC begins before Move Day even arrives. Your Diva will create a customized floor plan to make sure everything fits in your new home and then will help you downsize, organize, sort and pack for the move.

Your Diva will help you select a moving company, prepare for your move and get your house ready to impress potential buyers.

You and your family can relax knowing the Diva's experience and attention to detail will create calm in the midst of an otherwise chaotic move day.

Move Day Management
Relax. Let your Diva manage all aspects of your move.

Leave it to your Diva to supervise the loading and unloading of the moving truck, carefully unpack and put away your treasures and set up your new place to feel just like home…again.

When your move is over, all the packing materials will be removed and your new home will be ready for you to settle in and enjoy!

Post-Move Coordination

When you have settled in to your new home, you might want be thinking about installing a storage or organizing system, putting up a shelf or two or hanging your treasured pictures in just the right place to feel like you're home...again. Call your Diva and let the MAGIC continue. 

Before the Closing Date on your former house, surplus items will have to be removed and a last-minute broom sweep will need to be done. A quick call to your Diva and she will take care of all the details so the house is ready for the new owners.

Are you struggling to help a loved one move to a new home or transition to long-term care?
Your Diva can help!
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Thinking about moving?
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